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My reviews will be specific to the vibrator, toy name, size, color, brand, quality, materials, and more. I have been a certified sex toy reviewer for almost 10 years and have given many workshops on the art of sex toy making and personal sex toy making. I have written and published numerous articles on sex toys, sex toy photography, and my work with sex toys.

The Best Vibrators

Vibrators are an essential part of any sexual activity, especially for beginners. A vibrator can make or break an experience, and can be one of the most pleasurable and effective things you can have in your arsenal to bring you to orgasm.

Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges. There is a vibrator for every person and every budget. I have done my best to find the best vibrators for your pleasure, and my recommendations are based on the following criteria:

Design & Functionality: What I consider to be the most important part of a vibrator is its design. It has to be sturdy enough to endure the intense vibrations, be easy to clean, and provide a comfortable fit. Most vibrators that I find work the best have been designed with these aspects in mind.

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