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Most of them have very little or no scientific data. I am not a medical doctor, but I am a physician and have years of clinical experience on this subject. I can personally give you some medical advice about snoring that you may not have considered:

Snoring, or apnea as it's commonly known, occurs when you don't breathe well. It is the fastest-resolving breathing problem in the world. It is often a result of too much air. The breathing rate is not optimal because of the increase in carbon dioxide that accompanies increased breathing. The person is forced to use more and more air. There are two primary causes of snoring: carbon dioxide buildup in the lungs, and lack of oxygen in the brain. Carbon dioxide build-up in the lungs is an abnormal state of breathing, as the oxygen-rich blood flow is interrupted. For this reason, people with obstructive sleep apnea may be prone to snoring. The brain is also very dependent on oxygen, and the carbon dioxide in the brain may have a greater impact on the body than that of the oxygen. Because of the increased carbon dioxide, there is a more severe decrease in blood flow that occurs when the snoring is worse.

Here are the three different causes of snoring:

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